Hayes Kanyike


Hayes Kanyike has accomplished a number of notable achievements in both his professional and personal lives:
Owner and operator of the Hudson Valley's first full-service wellness studio, which provides every customer with personal training, nutritional, chiropractic, and psychological assistance.
Provided health and fitness services to students in collaboration with Marist College and Upper Bound. Additionally, services were supplied to Poughkeepsie city schools.
Served on the Poughkeepsie City Council as well as the Waterfront Advisory Council (committee).
To prevent recidivism, employment were created for formerly imprisoned persons.
The US Army Reserves presented me with an award for delivering health and fitness services.
One of the first companies in NYC to engage with a high-rise developer to give residents with exercise facilities.
I want you to see why this was so special. This meant that premium high-rise buildings would not have a traditional workout centre. Instead, Hayes4Fitness would be the name, and membership fees would be included in the rates.


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